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Máy sấy Toshiba VD-X5S

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Máy sấy bát đồng thời là chiếc "chạn" nhỏ giúp làm khô bát đũa nhanh chóng, khử khuẩn, nấm mốc và đặc biệt giữ cho bát đũa luôn lôn khô ráo thơm tho trong mùa nồm, mưa gió.

Sản phẩm có thiết kế riêng biệt ngăn chứa dao kéo, bình sữa trẻ 

Photos of tableware dryer VD-X5S

The put in a compact, high-power clean, dry!Be kept clean dishes can be washed in a "clean stainless steel tray"!


Blue Black
Open Price *
* The product of Open Price does not stipulates the suggested retail price.
* Tableware is not included.
Point 1

Cleanliness long-lasting and can be from washable!"Clean stainless tray"

Clean stainless trayAdopt stainless steel having excellent durability and cleanliness.Moreover, since it is possible to wash it easily detachable, you can use clean longer.
Point 2

Easy storage!Clean (kitchen knife case, water bottle warm air stand)in antibacterial!

Body image
※ The photograph is a VD-X15S.
Safe design!Bottle also clean!
kitchen knife special case which consideredantibacterial * 1kitchen knife case
Is fixed firmly, kitchen knife does not get in the way when loading and unloading of tableware.Because it is antibacterial, knives will not dry out clean.
bottom is hardly dry, water will remain, a tall container such as baby bottles andantibacterial * 1water bottle hot air stand
water bottle will cause mold and bacteria to breed.
Dedicated stand, dry firmly against the hot air directly to the bottom.It is clean and antibacterial.
tableware basket bowl stand
Do not pile face down the dishes basket
bowl to bowl stand,you can clean stored in an upright position.
So I will dry up during firmly.

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